Action Ministries provides food to families in need

LATONIA, KY (FOX19) - Thousands of families in the tri-state face a daily struggle to get enough to eat, but there are some non-profit agencies dedicated to fill that need.

Action Ministries in Latonia serves about 50 local non-profit agencies, but their main mission is to put food on the table for people in need.

Paula Banks from Independence says Action Ministries has made it a lot easier to keep food on her family's table. "This has been very helpful to me, I mean, every month I know I can get some groceries if we're running low."

Times have been tough for Paula Banks since she lost her job and she's not alone. Lillian Liansianbigler tells FOX19 "It helps out, I mean, especially when you're low and without much food. Like I said if I could afford to come here I wouldn't be here."

Action Ministries serves nearly 1000 families a month with the help of volunteers like Elsie Moore who says "It does your heart good to see that you're doing something good for someone that really appreciates it."

Action Ministries Director, Larry Mains, says the agency tries to give families products they really need. "We provide them with fresh vegetables, bread, meats, canned goods....hygiene products".

Action Ministries also provides bags of food for children who get free or reduced price school lunches.

About 30 miles north, Shared Harvest Food Bank has a similar program in Fairfield. Volunteer Coordinator Ben Powers says they're trying to help kids with nutritional shortages.

"There are kids in this area who actually go home over the weekend and they don't get anything to eat or they don't get enough to eat," says powers.

Poor nutrition can have a disastrous effect on a child's development, but Powers says the need for these bags of food just keeps growing. "In 2006 we've increased from 8600 bags per month or per year to last year we did 81-thousand bags a year and this year we expect to do even more."

By some estimates nearly 100-thousand children in the tri-state who don't know where their next meal is coming from which is why the role of food assistance programs are becoming more important.