Local pastor gives backpacks and coat off his back to homeless

Kevin Reed interacts with homeless man on Fountain Square
Kevin Reed interacts with homeless man on Fountain Square
Kevin Reed hands out necessary items to homeless community
Kevin Reed hands out necessary items to homeless community

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local pastor and his family are giving back to the homeless community throughout the Tri-State.

On Sunday, Kevin Reed and his wife Amanda came to Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati.  They brought with them backpacks full of things like blankets, socks and personal hygiene items, all for the homeless.  This is something they do on a regular basis.

"I'm Kevin.  Out here they call me 'Rev Kev,'" Kevin Reed told one man who took one of the backpacks.

Reed and his family travel the streets of Cincinnati, and other communities, just to give back.

"We actually consider ourselves homeless missionaries.  We're out here year-round, not just during the holidays, out there on the streets doing what God's called us to do, and help those less fortunate," said Reed, who live in Eaton and runs Church Without Doors. 

He does it all without a coat on these frigid nights we've been having.

"I don't have a coat.  I gave mine away.  Every time I get a coat, I give it away," Reed told one man.

But that's not the only help his family gives.  They load their car with everything from food to clothes and drive around looking for the homeless.  On Sunday, they set up shop on Fountain Square with those stuffed backpacks.

"We try to fulfill what we can in our little means," Reed told FOX19.

His will to help can be seen in what happened next while talking to FOX19.  As one man approached for a backpack, Reed wasted no time getting to him.

"Hold on one second," Reed said during our interview.  He walked over to the man and handed him a bag saying, "What's going on, brother?  In here, I've got a blanket, three pairs of socks, a little hygiene bag."

In about 10 minutes, all of those backpacks were gone. Mark Leamons got one of them.  He's been homeless on and off for about three years.

"If it wouldn't be for people like him and his wife coming out here, people like us on Third Street and at Starbucks wouldn't eat.  We wouldn't survive," said Leamons.

Reed knows what it's like to be in Leamon's shoes.  He's spent days living on the streets just to understand the true needs of the homeless, and what they go through.

"One day I told her, I said, 'Honey, I need you to drive me to Cincinnati.'  She said, 'What are we going to do?' I said, 'I need you to drop me off because I'm going homeless,'" Reed told FOX19.

Because of that, and the help they give, Reed has forged friendships with the homeless.  Friendships that are truly appreciated.

"I don't have no family.  It's a blessing," Leamons added.

Most of the goods Reed distributes are donated, found at yard sales and sometimes paid for out of pocket.  To help, visit his web site:  http://www.churchwithoutdoors.com/index.html

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