Campbell Co. Sheriffs warn senior citizens of circulating scam

CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - The Campbell County Sheriff's Office is warning senior citizens of a circulating scam.

The Sheriff's Office states that senior citizens have been receiving calls from impersonators of the sheriff department, threatening everything from impeding legal action to arrest for failure to pay a fictional debt.

The impersonators ask the victims for a credit card number to pay the fictional debt. Officers say that these calls come from individuals claiming that they are calling from The Sheriff's Office, an attorney's office or even the Internal Revenue Service.

Police believe that the calls are being perpetrated primarily on seniors because they are seen as an easier target and that seniors are more likely to give their credit card number after being intimidated. The majority of these calls come from out of state numbers.

"Our citizens need to be made aware that these calls are not coming from The Sheriff's Office and that the Campbell County Sheriff's Office will never call a citizen with a demand for settlement of a debt that has to be paid over the phone with a credit card" said Campbell County Sheriff Jeff Kidwell.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at 859-292-3833. Individuals contacted by the impersonators are asked to document the phone number and any other information that may help police in the investigation.

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