Reality Check: Matthew 25: Ministries

Reality Check: Matthew 25: Ministries
Photo from Matthew 25: Ministries website
Photo from Matthew 25: Ministries website

BLUE ASH, OH (FOX19) - More people donate to charity during the month of December than any other time of year. While there are literally hundreds of worthy causes to choose from, the fact is some charities are more efficient than other. The most efficient of them all can be found right here in Cincinnati.

After nearly 25 years of providing humanitarian aid, helping the poorest of the poor, and aiding victims of natural disasters both here and abroad, Matthew 25: Ministries has earned its reputation as one of the most efficient charitable organizations in the country, a rating that has a lot to do with its location.

According to Tim Mettey, CEO and Disaster Relief Coordinator, says Cincinnati is the ideal strategic position and that all the goods from all over the world and all over the U.S. come to M25M's warehouse in Blue Ash. This allows the charity to easily ship to various ports.

So just how efficient is Matthew 25: Ministries? Consider that 99 percent of its cash donations go directly to programs... and talk about stretching a dollar. Last year, for every dollar donated, M25M delivered $45 worth of aid.

But M25M doesn't rely solely on cash contributions: In fact, their stock-in-trade is the redistribution of goods; goods donated by a host of generous partners.

"We have CaféPress, we have Cintas, we have Procter and Gamble and we have Men's Warehouse. All of these different corporations donate to Matthew 25. We have hundreds of corporations who donate to us," Mettey says.

This year, Forbes lists Matthew 25: Ministries number 1 among the 20 most efficient large U.S. charities. Of the 1,317 charities big and small listed on the Charity Navigator website, M25M ranks at the very top, thanks in no small part to its army of volunteers.

"We have over 27-thousand volunteers show up here a year. They're able to process the goods and large volumes of the goods very quickly and efficiently. They're the most incredible resource that we have," says Mettey.

Selecting a charity is a very personal decision, and with so much need out there it's not an easy decision to make; but if you're looking to get the most bang for your donated buck, look no further than Blue Ash and Matthew 25: Ministries.


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