FOX19 Investigates: Military history of Michael Vaughan

FT THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - After a 20 hour long standoff with police in Latonia over the weekend, FOX19's Sara Celi took a closer look inside the life of the decorated military vet Michael Vaughan.

FOX19's Sara Celi reported live at the KY National Guard Post in Ft. Thomas where Vaughan was treated for PTSD. The public already knows Vaughan served in the military but what they don't know is that it didn't end well for him.

His time with the military ended in part with him receiving treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the KY National Guard Post in Ft. Thomas. However, it also ended with him losing his leadership position after a bitter fight with an ex-girlfriend, as FOX19 investigates.

Long before these intense hours in Covington, Vaughan's life has been anything but peaceful. While he served as lieutenant in the Army National Guard, ex-girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Brigham accused him of cyber stalking, domestic violence and identity fraud.

Brighan told police in her home state of Washington that Vaughan posted pornographic photos of her online when their relationship went south.

Court documents obtained by FOX19 from the national guard show that Brigham also contacted theNational Guard over the photos and that's when Vaughan decided to sue her.

Vaughan said Brigham's actions caused him lose his job as a civilian contractor and did damage to his prospects as a part time national guardsman. District court later dismissed the lawsuit.

Vaughan's neighbor Jessica Williams tells FOX19, "you could tell he was like really mysterious. We didn't really see him a lot. He was always in his house or gone."

Neighbors say Vaughan seemed troubled and apparently the National Guard agreed, offering Vaughan treatment for PTSD which he received throughout 2013.

Vaughan also spoke about deployment to Afghanistan for an oral history project at the University of Kentucky.

Ex-girlfriend Brigham remained upset about what happened between them. In April, Brigham shared a link on Facebook to Vaughan's mug shot, called his arrest poetic justice and commented to a friend that she thought he was a "sad sociopathic little man."

Vaughan said while in Afghanistan , he counseled soldiers dealing with combat stress. Vaughan is still in the hospital himself and no court date has been set yet.

FOX19 is continuing to follow this story as more information becomes available.

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