Couple posing as prospective buyers burglarize homes for sale

Joshua Petroze and Kristin Manning
Joshua Petroze and Kristin Manning

FORT WRIGHT, KY (FOX19) - Authorities have arrested a Northern Kentucky couple accusing them of posing as prospective homebuyers to steal from homes that were for sale.

Fort Wright Police arrested Kristin Manning, 28, of Crescent Springs and  33-year-old Joshua Petroze of Villa Hills last Friday. Both were charged with one count each of burglary and theft.

Fort Wright Police said Manning and Petroze made arrangements with a real estate agent to tour a Fort Wright home that's for sale. They identified themselves as Ben and Katie White of Louisville. They were shown the house on Dec. 10.

Court documents say the couple used their 1-year-old child as a distraction, split up and stole jewelry from the homeowner's bedroom. The jewelry was valued at $4,500 to $5,000.

Last Friday, Fort Wright Police interviewed Manning and Petroze. Police said during the interviews, both admitted touring numerous homes in Ohio and Kentucky and stealing jewelry from at least 20 homes. The homes were located in Fort Wright, Fort Mitchell, Lexington, Blue Ash, Delhi Township, Anderson Township, Miami Township and Butler County.

Delhi Township homeowners noticed jewelry missing from their homes after Nov. 5 showings.

Any realtor who may have shown a home to the individuals matching the description of "Ben" and "Katie" are asked to contact Delhi Township Police at 513-922-0060.

Individuals who had their home shown recently by a realtor and experienced theft are also asked to call Delhi Police.

Petroze and Manning are scheduled to appear at 1:30 p.m. Monday in Kenton County District Court.

This is not the first time authorities have investigated the couple.

Manning has a separate pending case in Kenton County pertaining to her employment at Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center in Fort Mitchell. She's charged with one count of theft.

A Fort Mitchell resident told the school's director that someone wearing a Redwood shirt was going door-to-door soliciting money for the school. Another resident, who gave $50, identified Manning as the solicitor while at the school, court documents say.

Manning admitted soliciting eight personal checks totaling $145. Manning said she collected $135 in cash which she used to feed her child. The offense occurred from Sept. 7-11 in Kenton County.

Manning and Petroze have prior criminal records. The cases include:

Manning was convicted of operating a motor vehicle under the influence and theft in Jefferson County, Ky.

Petroze was convicted of receiving stolen property in Kenton County and using/possessing drug paraphernalia in Boone County.

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