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Thousands outraged over delayed delivery by UPS and FedEx


Thousands of people are still waiting for UPS and Fed Ex to deliver their packages, some of which were promised before Christmas Day.

Neither company could give us any specific information about how Charlotte is faring compared to other cities, but we called a long list of UPS and FedEx locations in and around our area this afternoon, and local deliveries are flowing again.

We spotted both UPS and FedEx trucks back on the road Thursday, and a representative from UPS said that if you are still missing a package tonight you should have it by close of business tomorrow.

The UPS spokesperson we talked with apologized again for the delays, saying "we worked as hard as we could, but we just couldn't handle the number of packages." She seemed to think that soaring Internet sales were more of a culprit than bad weather, though ice and snow in the Midwest and Northeast certainly did not help matters. She admitted that UPS's business forecast fell far off the mark this year, but she said the company will work with a new model for the next holiday season, factoring in this year's record breaking online sales.

FedEx says it experienced no major service disruptions in our area over the holiday, but that it is working directly with customers to solve what it calls isolated incidents. The rep we spoke with said going to is a good way to reach a customer service agent.

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