Holiday season brings strong casino revenues

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Christmas might be over for you, but for area casinos, the holidays are just beginning.

Horseshoe Casino officials tell FOX19 that industry-wide, typically this time of year is big for them.

With Christmas come and gone, the Horseshoe is starting to reap some of the benefits of Santa's gifts.

"In this industry, frankly, some holidays perform a little bit better than the others," said Danny Brockdorf, Vice President of Marketing at the Horseshoe Casino.

Brockdorf says that includes Christmas Day.  Casino officials expect to bring in strong revenues to finish out the year.

"Folks tend to be off of work.  They tend to be taking their last few days of vacation for the year, and kind of want to escape the home life and they come out and visit us," said Brockdorf.

Starting on Christmas Day and lasting for about a week all the way to New Year's Eve, officials say that's when casinos see that spike in gamers, and the extra holiday cash that comes with them.

"In the afternoon of Christmas, going through New Year's Eve, we experience increased business volumes," Brockdorf added.

That trend is starting to get some notice with those customers.

"I saw that there were decent crowds in there," said Ty Stuckey, a casino patron who works nearby.

Stuckey goes inside from time to time, and occasionally plays a game or two.  Just one day after Christmas, he's seen a noticeable change.

"There were more people today.  I thought it was due to the holiday, or the extra spending money they may have had from the holiday," Stuckey told FOX19.

With these enhanced crowds, is there more security at the casino?  Casino officials tell FOX19 that with the exception of New Year's Eve, things are run fairly normally when it comes to security.

Final numbers for casino revenues during the month of December, which include the holiday season, will be out early next month.

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