New law to protect children with severe allergies

New law designed for children with allergies

(FOX19) - Federal law takes effect on January 1 urging schools to better protect children who suffer from severe food allergies.

Until now, it was up to parents to take EPI pen injectors to their kids school. In an emergency, the school nurse could use them but only if a child brought in their own.

Reacting to an increase in children with sever allergies, the law now asks schools to keep extra injectors on hand for anyone who might need them.

Dr. Sarah Denny says, "Not only will it save lives, but I think that this will also raise awareness on food allergies and how dangerous and severe they really can be."

The law does not require schools to stock epinephrine injectors but it does give them financial incentives if they do.

States will pass their own versions of the law before it can take effect.