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FOX19 viewers remember the Freezer Bowl

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FOX19 viewers sent us their memories of the 1982 AFC Championship Game where the Bengals defeated the San Diego Chargers in a game that became known as the Freezer Bowl.

FOX19 Chief Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer covered the game. The official high was -4, a tie for coldest temperature in Cincinnati history. The wind chill was -59.

The Bengals play the Chargers at 1 p.m. Sunday in an AFC Wild Card Game. The forecast calls for rain and a high of 42 degrees.  That's just a bit warmer than that legendary playoff game 32 years ago.

Here is what viewers told us about the Freezer Bowl:

Chris Mayer: "I was so mad at my husband for going to that game! I had 3 small kids at the time and didn't want to be left alone when he got frozen to death. I remember putting so many layers of clothes on him he could barely walk. And I made him put Vaseline all over his face and hands because we heard it helps keep you from frostbite. I worried the whole time he was gone until he walked in the door. But for years I would just look at him and roll my eyes if he said it was too cold to do something. He still has his shirt that says he survived 56 below."

Beth Hensley: "I have an old sweatshirt I got as a souvenir at the game. I just found it and I wore it for every Bengals home game this year. Freezer Bowl: My husband and I went to the game. I was expecting my third child. My doctor gave me the okay and said the baby would be the only warm person in the place. We dressed in coveralls and I borrowed my Dad's arctic hunting gear. We stood inside sleeping bags. My face had a scarf around it and chunks of ice formed from breathing. We chipped ice out of my husband's mustache through the game. We were up near the top and I swear, chunks of ice were floating down the Ohio River. The Chargers came out first and were wrapped in long coats. They announced the Bengals and those lineman came out of the tunnel with bare arms. You could just The stadium went crazy. We gave jumps to so many people's cars after the game. I don't think I thawed out for hours."

Teresa Queenie Edgington:  "I was in the hospital waiting to give birth to my second child. It was so cold, the plant was frozen to the inside of the window, where it was hanging."

Jonathan Motsinger: " I was nine years old. I ran outside to the driveway in my pajamas, and then I sprinted back inside to watch the game on tv. This is also the first of many times I was annoyed by Dan Fouts."

Carl Bargar: "I was 12 and at the game with my dad."

Missy Pfeffer-Bastin: "My dad went and I remember him telling us his beer froze to the ground! The bathrooms were closed because they were frozen!"

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