P.G Sittenfeld responds to San Diego smack talk with hilarious video

FOX19's very own Frank Marzullo has really stirred the pot regarding the upcoming Bengals vs. Chargers playoff game. He made a video calling out news station FOX 5 San Diego and the reaction to it has caused a fun and friendly cross-country banter.

After Frank reminded San Diego fans in his video that Bengals players and fans fear no cold weather, FOX 5 responded with a little smack-talk about our great city. Not only did they dis the Bengals but also Cincinnati-style chili. Oh, the nerve!

That's when Cincinnati City Council Member P.G Sittenfeld stepped in.

"I decided their fighting words warranted a response," Sittenfeld said in an email that contained his own video response.

Wearing a Bengals Jersey and eating Skyline, P.G hilariously burned the Chargers, saying "I realize you guys are probably getting ready for the big game by rubbing tanning lotion all over yourself and drinking daiquiris, but here in the heartland we're throwing the pig skin and drinking beer." You tell 'em, P.G!

The input from Frank, P.G and FOX 5 has only made the build-up to this historic game even more exciting, but there's only one way to settle the back-and-forth: On the field.

Watch the videos here:

Sittenfeld Response to San Diego Newscaster

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