AAA offers tips for drivers in cold temps

(FOX19) - AAA received more than 100 calls for help from drivers by 8 a.m. on Monday. Temperatures were expected to fall to -7 degrees with wind chill factors dangerously cold from -25 to -30 degrees.

Frozen locks and lockouts, where drivers warm up their car and lock the keys inside, were the most common problems. According to the AAA, the Roadside Rescue Team had more than 2,500 calls since Friday morning.

AAA tips for drivers:

-Make sure your battery has ample starting power. At 0 degrees Fahrenheit, your battery loses about 35 percent of its power and your engine needs 2.5 times more power to start than on a warm summer day.

-Check your tire pressure to prevent a flat. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, you lose one pound of tire pressure.

-Park your car in the garage. If you have no garage, select a place that is protected from wind and large snow drifts.

-To avoid frozen door or door locks, buy a lubricant that is available in most auto supply stores. Apply prior to the freezing weather for best results.

-Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid fuel-line freeze-up.

-Clear all snow and ice from the entire car.

-Reduce speed and increase following distance on winter roads.

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