10 everyday problems on a really cold day

Photo courtesy of Twitter user @JoeBoyd
Photo courtesy of Twitter user @JoeBoyd

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Your car has heated seats? I'll ride with you...

Hair freeze

When you wake up late for work and have no time to blow dry, your hair goes from fab to crunchy in seconds.

That stubborn car door

You made it to the car only to find out it won't open. You vigorously tug at the handle until you resort to crawling through the passenger side door.

Empty milk shelves

There is a mad rush to buy milk when it's cold. And it's scary. 

Taking the dog out

Sure you love your dog, but it's cold. And think about being the dog and relieving yourself outside in this weather.

Taking the trash out

Taking the trash out isn't even fun at sunny and 70.

The walk from your car to anywhere

You made it to your destination and finally the car is heated and defrosted. For a brief moment, you've forgotten about the arctic tundra outside.

Being underdressed

*so cold*

Wearing too many clothes

You bundled up so much you can barely sit down. And now your armpits are starting to sweat.

Weird looks when you order iced coffee

Yeah, it's cold. But iced coffee is SO. GOOD.

Eating more carbs

It's bulking season. The more bread you inhale, the warmer you'll be.

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