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New study shows high chair injuries on the rise


If you have ever raised a child, you know how much time little ones spend in high chairs.

They're usually thought of as a safe spot, but the amount of high chair related injuries is rising at an alarming rate.

Dr. Ben Spitalnick, President of Pediatric Associates of Savannah, said the rise of high chair injuries is a huge cause for concern.

"We're seeing about one high chair injury per hour in this country."

A recent study shows a 22 percent increase in high chair falls in seven years.

Dr. Spitalnick said this is surprising because "for the most part we think high chairs have been modernized to be safer. What we didn't take into account is parents trust their highchairs to supervise their kids behind their back."

Dr. Spitalnick believes the surge can be attributed to distracted parents who place a false sense of security on the chair.

"A high chair is for feeding your child and being with your child. It's not meant to be a place of leaving your child and turning your back."

This can lead to serious falls and head trauma.

So, what can you do to keep your kid safe? First, make sure the chair is certified.

"A lot of people do use the high chair that was leftover from Grandma when Grandma took care of them."

Most chairs in the last decade are up-to-date with safety guidelines.

For information on how to pick a high chair, click here.

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