Police seek 'dangerous' man in Avondale double homicide

Kelly Rippin live on the scene of double homicide
Adam Bostic, 31, and Betty Thomas, 28 (Source: CPD)
Adam Bostic, 31, and Betty Thomas, 28 (Source: CPD)
Brandon Thomas, 29 (Source: CPD)
Brandon Thomas, 29 (Source: CPD)

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - A 29-year-old man is wanted on aggravated murder charges for a double homicide in Avondale early Thursday, Cincinnati Police said.

It's a quiet afternoon on Knott Street in Avondale Thursday. Much different that the crime scene police worked shortly after 1 a.m. when 31-year-old Adam Bostic and 28-year-old Betty Thomas were found tied up and shot to death inside their own home. Two small children were found in the other room.

Thirteen hours later, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell told reporters homicides are almost always personal and they believe that is the case in this double homicide. Their suspect, 29-year-old Brandon Thomas, already has a federal parole violation out of Lexington. They issued a warrant for his arrest Thursday afternoon.

"We are not certain of his whereabouts but we are certain he is a very dangerous man," says Chief Blackwell.

Police say Thomas knew the victims but was not related to them and that their murders could be drug related.

"Usually in these home invasion style homicides where there is some type of nexus with drug activity, you will see a heightened level of violence," says Chief Blackwell.

Four homicides within nine days in Avondale do not tell the whole story according to District Four Captain Michael Neville.

"We will be taking more violent people off the streets in the coming days based on current investigations that are almost ready to lead up to closure," says Captain Neville.

It is scary start to a new that year neighbors say they hope is much safer than years past.

"If we can just come together in this community and bring it together and be strong about this, we won't have to worry about this crime rate no more," says neighbor Richard Frost.

Thomas could be traveling in a green or gray 1995 Ford Explorer with Ohio tags. If you see him, immediately call police. He is believed to be extremely armed and dangerous.

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