U.S. Forces Continue Assault In Fallujah

U.S. forces continue air, ground assault in Fallujah

US forces are still in action in and around Fallujah with some fierce clashes reported near the rebel stronghold. There's fighting between US troops and insurgents on a highway east of Fallujah and in the southern part of the city. Witnesses also report fresh aerial and artillery bombardment as explosions boomed across the city.

Plumes of smoke were seen rising from areas in the east and south of Fallujah as families began to flee the area. Residents report a Humvee was seen burning in the eastern edge of the city.

Today's attacks followed an overnight strike by US jets, blasting what the American command said was a checkpoint operated by the feared terror movement of Jordanian-born extremist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The Fallujah hospital says three people were killed.