Owen County without water service

OWEN COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Owen County residents are facing a water shortage.

Kentucky American Water said crews were continuing work Thursday morning to resolve the water system issues for Owen County customers.

"Unfortunately, water levels in the system continue to be low after the overnight period, when it was expected the water supply would be improved. At this time it is possible the system continues to struggle because of an undiscovered large leak(s), or possibly by a large number of smaller service line leaks that, combined, are enough to keep the system from recharging," the company said.

The Three Rivers District Health Department said the entire county is directly or indirectly affected because most of those with cisterns also rely on county water delivered to their homes. The county's population in the 2010 Census was 10,841.

The health department said the county experienced a serious water main break Tuesday morning.

Kentucky American Water said it continues to work around the clock to conduct leak detection, repair any leaks that are discovered and see that normal water service is restored as soon as possible. It said all known main breaks have been repaired.

Additional bottled water is being delivered later today for customers to pick up at the Owen County Fairgrounds, the Monterey Fire House, the Jonesville Fire House, Hesler Assembly of God Church and Owen County Electric Office.

The company said customers who have containers they wish to fill with drinking water may fill them immediately at its Kentucky River Station water treatment plant located at 16035 U.S. 127 at the Owen/Franklin county line. Customers who have larger bulk tanks for farm use are also welcome to fill them at this treatment plant.

Once water service is restored, customers are asked to limit water usage for essential purposes only until the system fully recovers.

Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith has declared a state of emergency and the Kentucky National Guard is on standby.

Volunteers are delivering bottled water to the elderly and those with disabilities.

"Kentucky American Water appreciates the patience and understanding of persons affected by this situation," the company said.

The health department has the following tips for residents who are getting drinking water from bulk trucks:

.     Make sure your water is coming from a safe source.

.     The tank that hauls it in is for drinking water only, not been used in farming practices, etc.

.     Make sure you place the water in a container that has not held chemicals, pesticides etc.

.     Use food grade containers or coolers to transport water home.

.     To ensure safety the water can be boiled for three minutes.

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