Target CEO: Breach won't happen again

(FOX19) - New information has been reported on the massive data breach at Target.

CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel says Target will recover. As many as 100 million customers had their personal information stole in a massive security breach over the holidays.

Company executives say Target is taking steps to make sure it never happens again. Experts say Target will recover if it can weather the latest PR hit.

Carlson School of Management Professor George John says, "These things happen to companies from time to time. So, here's what the research shows in the long haul. Most of these events resolve themselves. If the company is committed to we're going to set this right. We're going to do it. They will recover."

Security experts are pushing for technology to replace a credit card's magnetic strip but any changes would not impact shoppers until at least 2015.

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