Oak Hills plans for worst-case scenario with shooting safety video

GREEN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - It's a video full of real-life scenarios and plans on what to do if Oak Hills High School ever has a shooter on campus.

With safety in mind, administrators gathered at Oak Hills High School to create a video on their safety plans. That video was presented to parents on Tuesday night.

"We learned that lockdown in a school emergency wasn't enough," explains Bill Murphy of the Delhi Township Police Department. "Locking a door and just hiding there wasn't enough to get it done."

Shot over Thanksgiving break, the video illustrates the ALICE Program - which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

"We really wanted to enforce the fact that every day is not pretty, and you have to be prepared for anything," explains John First of Oak Hills School District.

The video shows the way students and faculty will respond if danger should come through the doors. It also helps train police on what to do if an emergency should arise.

"We had to go through situations multiple times," says Murphy. "I had to go through it as a policeman, as a bad guy and as a would-be student. It made the situation very real to me."

School leaders are hoping the video will train and prepare the Oak Hills community for years to come.

"By no means are we telling people to go fight a gunman with a notebook or something," explains Murphy. "However, if you are in a lockdown, and you barricade the doors, and a bad guy would breach the building - that's where we would defend ourselves and not just remain on the floor."

Both police chiefs from Delhi and Green Township, along with the district superintendent and school resource officers were on hand for a question and answer session after the video.

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