Man sues Norwood police over wrongful imprisonment

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19/AP) - A Cincinnati man is suing two police officers after he was wrongfully jailed for nearly two months on felony cocaine charges even though video footage would have shown they had the wrong man.

Maurice Snow filed the federal civil rights lawsuit Monday against a Norwood police detective and lieutenant.

A police spokesman didn't immediately return a call for comment Tuesday.

Court records show that the 29-year-old Snow was arrested Oct. 18 and booked on four cocaine charges. Snow says he was working third shift at Graeter's at the time of the bust.

"I just thought they had the wrong person at first," Snow tells FOX19. "I told them to take me to Norwood Police so I can show them they have the wrong person."

The lawsuit says Snow was accused of being the drug dealer in surveillance videos that police took of controlled drug buys.

"My job has records. I was there on that day," says Snow. "I told [the police] you can call them."

Snow was jailed for over 50 days before his then-attorney saw the footage and showed a prosecutor, who agreed Snow couldn't have been the dealer.

"I lost my whole life, I lost everything I owned," explains Snow. "I lost visitation with my son. I got no explanation; they never reached out to me, not to this day."

Snow was released immediately.

"They had video before they locked me up, but they still sent me down there for 57 days, with murderers and robbers for something that I did not do," says Snow.

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