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T-shirt featuring football coach Charlie Strong causes controversy

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AUSTIN, TX (KEYE/CNN) – Charlie Strong is making history as the first African American man to be named University of Texas head coach.

One entrepreneur has found a way to capitalize on the news, but not everyone is happy about it.

The t-shirt that has everyone talking says "Black is the new brown" and features a picture of Strong. It is being sold on Etsy.com

Many in Austin, TX are crying foul.

"The sounds pretty insulting and they put his face on it, he's a person not just a color," said UT-Austin student Ariel Smith.

Others however argue it's not an issue and they see it as a play on words referencing Strong's race.

Graduate student Neil Tanner thinks the focus on the shirt is misdirected.

"I think people should just start focusing on him more so as a coach and him as a holistic human being and person as opposed to his race or any other identity he wishes to see himself as," Tanner said.

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