Tonight's 'micro-moon' is smallest full moon of 2014

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Look out the window. Do you see the moon? As clouds gather overhead, it may be a bit difficult to see, but tonight's moon will appear to be the smallest full-moon of 2014.

January's full moon will be visible on the night of January 15 and 16. Scientist call is an "apogee full moon," or a "micro-moon."

According to, tonight's micro-moon will lie about 50 thousand kilometers (30 thousand miles) farther away from Earth than this year's closest full moon. The closest full moon, known as the super-moon, will take place on August 10, 2014.

What makes a micro-moon? Every month, the moon swings out to the farthest point of orbit, known as the lunar apogee, and a couple-weeks later swings to the closest point to earth, know as lunar perigree.

Whenever a full moon coincides with the apogee, we have a micro-moon.

As with any full moon, the moon will rise opposite the sun at sunset and sets opposite the sun at sunrise.

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