Reports: No criminal charges for IRS

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - New information has emerged regarding the IRS's alleged targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status.

Just days following the controversy surrounding the person leading the investigation into the agency, multiple reports have emerged from Washington DC suggesting that there will be no criminal charges.

One group in particular has been waiting for tax exempt status from the IRS for years. The paperwork has been stalled. Now, the group is part of a civil lawsuit, the only justice they feel they will get.

Susan McLaughlin has a stack of paperwork about Liberty Township TEA party's fight to get tax exempt status.

"We've got two sets of questions and we have heard nothing back since then," said McLaughlin.

Now that group is part of a pending civil suit against the IRS and she says she's not surprised about reports out of DC saying there will be no criminal charges in the IRS scandal.

"They haven't talked to the victims. There's no investigation. Who's investigating?" she said.

FOX19 obtained a statement from Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat in the House Oversight Committee.

"I cannot speak to the FBI's investigation, but our committee has conducted a thorough investigation that involved reviewing hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and interviewing more than 30 IRS employees across the agency, and we have found no evidence of political motivation," Cummigs said.

McLaughlin is disappointed.

"The justice system is part of the executive branch. They follow orders, from the chief executive's office, and they do what they are told," she said.

McLaughlin tells FOX19 that her group is still functioning, just without tax exempt status. The civil case in pending.

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