Seeing Oscar-nominated films will set you back a bundle

CINCINNATI (FOX19/CNN) - Nine films are nominated for the best picture Oscar this year. And if you want to see them before the Academy Awards show on Sunday, March 2, it's going to cost you a bundle.

Watching nine films at the theater, at an average price of $8.35 each, will set you back $75.15. And that's just for you. It doesn't include the price for your significant other's tickets. It also doesn't include the cost of popcorn, candy, or a drink.

However, we found you can save some money. Consider going to the movies when the price is cut substantially, such as morning showings or afternoon matinees.

Also, you might want to join a loyalty program. FOX19 found that if you join AMC's rewards program, you can upgrade your drink and popcorn to a larger size for free every time you go. Plus, you will be able to book tickets online for free so there's no standing in line. Rewards programs at movie chains also convert the money you spend on tickets and concessions into points, coupons, and savings later.

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