This winter shaping up to be roughest of the decade

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - So far, this winter is shaping up to be one of the roughest we've seen in more than a decade. Cincinnati has seen more snow and below average temperatures in the last month than we've seen in the last years.

Tuesday, Hamilton County Communications received 68 calls of vehicle accidents before noon. While some see the winter weather as an inconvenience, others took advantage it.

"It's so quiet. The sound of snow isn't something that I think of a lot of times but it's kind of nice hearing it on my shoulders and going past my ears," said Matthew Defoe.

On a day like Tuesday, running isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind but Defoe saw it as the perfect opportunity.

"I missed a few runs this week so I thought it'd be a good day to catch up. I thought I would see at least one other person out today but I haven't yet. Just a lot of people shoveling," said Defoe.

Lenny Kuntz of Newport was one of those people shoveling. He spent the afternoon clearing the snow off his car and helping his neighbors. Kuntz has seen worse winters in Cincinnati but this one isn't his favorite either.

"In '77, the river froze over. Guy drove a Volkswagen out on it," said Kuntz. "This hasn't been the coldest but it's been aggravating."

It has been especially aggravating for drivers. AAA says in just one month from December 21 to January 21, they've rescued more than 23,000 people from snowy, icy conditions. That's up 30 percent  from last year.

Crews will continue to treat the roads throughout the night but officials say the best thing to do is stay at home. If you don't have to get out, enjoy the snow and stay warm.

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