Snow days force some districts to extend class into summer vacation

(FOX19) - A lot of snow means a lot of snow days for Tri-State residents. Now, some schools say they'll have to extend classes into summer vacation.

Schools in Ohio are permitted to use five calamity days for circumstances such as hazardous weather conditions, according to the Ohio Department of Education. So far, Cincinnati Public Schools have used four, Oak Hills has used all five and Lakota has used seven.

To make up calamity days in excess of five, schools have the option to utilize their contingency plans or use online lessons for up to three days.

In Kentucky, it's a bit different. School districts are required to have, at a minimum, the equivalent of 177 six-hour instructional days during the school year, according to the Kentucky Department of Education.

Kenton County Schools have used seven, including Wednesday. Campbell County has used six out of ten. Boone County has used six. However, they do not build snow days into their schedule. All six will be tacked on to the end of the year.

In Indiana, School districts are required to have 180 days. To reach that number, districts can use holidays, build extra days into their calendar, go during spring break or have students attend extra days at the end of the academic year or any combination thereof.

Already, dozens of school closing and delays are planned for Wednesday. To see if your local school is closed or delayed, click here:

FOX19 Digital content producer Paul McKibben contributed.

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