Streetcar organizers discuss fees, hours of operation

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The rails are still under construction, but streetcar project organizers already have an idea of what they want to charge.

Organizers say there's talk of charging $1.75 to ride the streetcar for two hours or $2.50 to ride for 24.

Streetcar organizers are also discussing hours of operation. Organizers say the streetcar may run from 6 a.m. through 10 p.m.

There is also potential for monthly, quarterly and yearly streetcar passes.

"What you heard today were really just the first numbers out there," explains project executive John Deatrick. "We have to bid out the work to operate the streetcar and we have to put a whole structure in place. There are a whole series of things that have to be refined."

Deatrick went on say that the streetcar is still on schedule. There is hope it will open in the fall of 2016.

Several similar streetcar systems are already in place around the country. How do Cincinnati's fares compare to others across the country? Scroll down to view FOX19's infographic.

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