Possible cancer-causing chemical found in some soft drinks

CINCINNATI (FOX19/CNN) - Not only do you have to worry about calories when drinking soda, now Consumer Reports says there's a chemical in some of them suspected of causing cancer.

It's known as 4-Methylimidazole, which California regulates as a possible cancer causing chemical. The World Health Organization has labeled it that way, too.

California limits manufacturers to 29 micrograms of "4-Mel" per consumer, per day.

But Consumer Reports says two brands of 12-ounce canned soda it tested in California exceeded those limits:

  • Pepsi One
  • Malta Goya

Yet there's no need to consume this chemical at all, according to a Consumer Reports toxicologist, because it's only used to add color to the soda.

On the other side of the argument is the Food and Drug Administration, which says there's no reason to believe 4-Mel poses a health risk. However, it's conducting a review of safety data to determine whether it needs to take any action.

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