Cold weather directly impacts local businesses

We've been dealing with weeks of extreme winter weather in the Tri-State, and the cold is directly impacting local businesses.

"The worse the roads, the more we're going to get called," explains Amanda Tabe with Donatos Pizza.

The more snow and ice on the road, the less drivers want to pick up their food. Therefore, Donatos is seeing a major increase in business this year.

"If they can't make it to the grocery store to stock up on food, that's where we come into play," says Tabe.

The frigid temps may discourage more people from getting out to the bars, especially ones that feature more of the outdoor experience. But for Neon's, they're attracting people by moving them inside.

"In the summer time, of course, we're a lot busier. The majority of our capacity is out on that awesome patio, but in the winter time it's just as cozy inside," says Neon's owner Molly Wellman.

Wellmann says they'll open the outdoor bar when it's above freezing. They even have fire pits to warm up guests.

"We always have a hot cider, a local cider that we always have available to keep everyone warm inside," adds Wellmann.

But how about ice cream outside?

"It's freezing out there and not exactly the best time for ice cream," says Joey Jenco.

Today Jenco Brothers Candy started offering a nice cold cup at a discounted price.

"If people are brave enough to come get some ice cream, we figure we'd give them a little reward for it," explains Jenco.

Co-owner Joey Jenco says their candy sales are steady, but they're trying new hot deals to make ice cream sound tasty during winter.

"We actually had a few people in here just before you got in that had some ice cream, but other than that so far three people," says Jenco.

Jenco Brothers says they plan to continue the 20 percent off discounted price for ice cream for the next several days while these cold temperatures last.

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