Before the Procedure

Prior to your procedure, you will need to have a comprehensive evaluation by your Optometrist or one of the laser vision specialists at the Cincinnati Eye Institute.

A comprehensive exam includes:

Full dilated medical evaluation of your eyes

Vision check before and after dilation

Corneal topography (this measures the curvature of your cornea)

Corneal pachymetry (this measures the thickness of your cornea)

After your exam, the doctor will review with you the risks, benefits and goals of laser vision correction to make sure your expectations are achievable. Please keep the

following in mind - for a full comprehensive evaluation, you must be out of your contact lenses for the following time periods:

Soft contact lenses - one week

Extended wear contact lenses - two weeks

Gas permeable contact lenses - three weeks.

Can I wear my contacts and still have an exam?


Yes! You may come in for a screening appointment wearing your contact

lenses and we can determine if you are a candidate. If you are a candidate

and are interested in having laser vision correction, you must then discontinue

wearing your contact lenses for the above specified time and return for a

comprehensive evaluation.