Residents enjoy single day warm up before temps fall again

For at least a day on Sunday, it was a welcomed break from the frigid temperatures the Tri-State has seen so far this winter.

At Mike's Car Wash in Sharonville, workers say they saw about 1,000 customers come through to clean up before the next deep freeze this week.  Their story is the same as other car washes around the area.

Even though temps only topped 40 degrees, that was enough for business owners to rejoice, and drivers to finally get a chance to clean off their salt-caked vehicles.

"I went to take the trash out and saw that it looked like I owned a gray car instead of a black car, and thought that it would probably be a good idea to get the salt off the car," said Liz Daley, a Xavier University student.

It was Sunday's weather that presented that opportunity for her, and tons of other drivers.

"I was talking to mom on the phone and she said it's going to be really cold in Chicago.  I checked the forecast, and it's going to be really cold here tomorrow too, so, I figured I might as well while the car's not going to freeze," said Daley.

An unusual break from what's become the normal Tri-State temperatures recently, made some business owners happy, too, especially when business has taken a hit as the mercury has dropped.

"As long as it stays in the 20 to 30, 40 degrees, we're fine.  You get in to the teens, and it cuts into your business," said Kenneth Davis, owner of Car Wash Inn.

The deep freeze has tallied up lost business days for some of these car washes.

"Unfortunately, with it getting real cold, and all the snow coming at once, it's not as busy.  People aren't coming out when it's 10 below, for the most part, to wash their cars," said Charles Pescovitz, owner of Rally's Car Wash.

For some drivers, it was as no-brainer to hose off on Sunday, especially as another drop in temperatures is headed our way in just a few days.

"Do it now, or don't do it 'til March," Daley said jokingly.

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