Cities paying overtime for snow removal crews

(FOX19) - Several counties are running low on salt and that's bad news with two months of winter left.

Road crews have been busy this winter trying to keep the roads clear across the Tri-State.

Several cities are paying a lot more money now because of overtime issues associated with all the plowing that's been happening around the Tri-State.

Another issue this morning is salt. Cincinnati has said they do not have a shortage of salt because officials tell FOX19 that they have been mixing the salt with sand to give it a little more longevity.

However, that is not the case for the rest of the Tri-State.  The northern parts of the region like Monroe and Hamilton are actually conserving the amount of salt they are putting on our roadways because they are running out.

All the major roadways in Hamilton and Monroe are being treated but it's the secondary roads that have to be left untreated because salt is running a lot lower this year.

Monroe and Hamilton aren't the only areas suffering. The Butler County Engineers Office tells FOX19 that they have used 6,300-6,400 tons of salt this year alone. The average winter use is usually only 6,000 tons.

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