6 ways you can avoid winter static cling

(FOX19) - With cold temperatures comes annoying static! If everything you touch is starting to give you a shock, we feel your pain.

Common culprits of winter static are rubber-soled shoes, shopping carts, vacuum cleaners, wool sweaters and even the simple act of getting out of your car can give you that electrifying static.

FOX19 found a few ways on how to avoid this winter shock:

  • Wear less wool and more cotton: Studies have shown that wool is a big offender when it comes to getting shocked. Cotton is less prone to static.
  • Wear leather shoes: Rubber-soled shoes give off a lot more electricity than leather shoes do.
  • Use a humidifier in your home: A humidifier helps add moisture to the air. Therefore, the less the air in your home is, the less shock you'll be suffering from.
  • Protect your hair with lotion: One of the most annoying parts of winter static is when your hair won't stop rising off your head! Use a tiny amount of lotion to rub through your hair to rid yourself of those frizzy flyaways.
  • Use static treatment on your carpets: The nonflammable solvent helps keep that static from living in your carpets when you walk in the door from a cold day.
  • Use fabric softener sheets: Not only can these be used to rub on your carpets, but they can also be used to be on your hair to avoid the static. Try it!

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