District gets 3 additional calamity days for adopting online coursework

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Due to harsh weather this winter, many school districts are searching for innovative ways to keep students engaged during snow days and preventing the school year from extending into summer. Sycamore Community Schools is one of these districts.

Sycamore Community Schools has used all five calamity days allotted by the Ohio Department of Education. Districts are required to make-up any calamity days beyond the allotted five days per year.

Sycamore has typically planned for make-up days to occur at the end of each school year but has rarely had to use them.

The Sycamore Board of Education held a special meeting Monday morning, voting to adopt the ODE's "Blizzard Bags" options. The district says that Blizzard Bags will help students remain engaged in learning when schools are closed and lessen the potential of make-up days in June.

Recently, the ODE lifted their deadline for adopting a Blizzard Bags concept. The concept allows teachers to provide students with online assignments on days when school is closed. By utilizing this concept, the state will provide Sycamore Community Schools with three additional excused calamity days.

When schools close for the day, assignments for students will be posted on teacher web pages and in Blackboard. Teachers from all core subjects will post lessons and assignments each day.

For Sycamore Community Schools, students have two weeks from the date of the closing to complete Blizzard Bags assignments. Teachers will provide access to school computers before, during, or after school hour for lessons to be completed for students who do not have access to a computer at home.

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