Cold temperatures bring back memories of frozen Ohio River

Miranda Del Pozo live along the river

(FOX19) - For many residents living in the Tri-State, these cold temperatures bring back memories of a frozen Ohio river.

 FOX19's Miranda Del Pozo reported live along the river with the latest information.

Several people took a brave walk over the Ohio river in 1977 making some wonder if the river could ever freeze again.

Del Pozo tells FOX19 that it's certainly cold enough but there are some factors that would keep the river from freezing to that point.

Photos from when the Ohio River froze in 1977 show residents walking across it. The ice was about 12 inches thick at the time!

While we might see ice along the banks of the river, we probably won't see it freeze to the extent that it did in 1977.

FOX19 Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer reports over 142 years of keeping weather records, only 14 winters over the span of 18 years saw the river freeze here in Ohio.

Del Pozo tells FOX19 that because the river is very deep and the water flows fairly quickly, it's less likely to freeze.

The river has only frozen twice since the Meldahl Dam and the Markland Dam opening in the 60's.

Now, other rivers in the area aren't so lucky. The Little Miami River in Anderson Township may not be completely frozen over but there are definite chunks of ice sprinkled throughout it.

Standing near the river, Del Pozo tells us that it feels like the entire river should be frozen. However, for now, FOX19 will just have to keep an eye on the conditions.

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