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No-insurance healthcare sweeping across East Texas


With the Affordable Care Act in full swing, many East Texans and businesses are trying to figure out how to navigate the new insurance. One East Texas business has figured out a new form of medical care that, they say, can save both businesses and individuals a lot of money.

Offering great benefits is just one way Laura Wall says she makes sure her employees at Davis Chemical Services are happy.

"If we have any incident with any of our employees, we've got access," Wall said.

It's access to a whole new type of healthcare plan.

"The fact that Obamacare was happening was just a plus for us because we had people say, ‘Hey, we've got to do something different,'" Dr. Shaun Kelehan, the man behind the new concept, said.

That different option was just what Wall was looking for.

"The cost savings," she said. "One, we've been able to lower our employees' healthcare cost on a monthly basis, as well as lower ours on an annual basis."

She says her company will save nearly 25 percent this year by supplementing their insurance plan.

"Every time they come and see me they pay a service fee, so that I don't bill insurance, which saves me a bunch of money, and I don't ever send them a bill," Dr. Kelehan said.

It's called fee for service medicine. It's a low cost medical membership to see the doctors at Wellness Practices of America whenever you need them with no insurance necessary.

"The monthly payments is what's keeping us afloat," he said. "It's a membership to the gym, per se."

This means savings for employees like Colton Wall, who is young and healthy and without insurance.

"I mean, pay 25 bucks and see a doctor," Colton explained.

That monthly membership, plus each service fee, covers all lab costs, too.

"It is possible and it's great to have something to back it up in case something does happen," Colton said.

It's putting the care back in health care.

"We're personally involved," Laura Wall said. "We know the doctors."

Hundreds of individuals and more than a dozen companies have already signed on. Laura Wall called it a tremendous cost reduction, so large it is helping the business elsewhere, so they can put that money to work at work.

Those doctors are on-call at all times for their patients. One of these healthcare practices just opened in Longview, in addition to the two Marshall offices. Another is planned to open in Tyler in the next few months.

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