Cold temperatures have negative impact on blood donations

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The cold temps are having a negative impact on blood donations across much of the nation.

In January alone, more than 500 blood drives have been canceled across the nation.

On Tuesday, the Hoxworth Blood Center had to cancel two blood drives and another big one on Wednesday.

There some people right here in the Tri-State that depend on these donations. For Joann Dellefield, visits to the Hoxworth Blood Center are crucial.

"I have a blood cancer that they're going to be helping me with and hopefully putting me into remission," explains Dellefield.

The last two days, Dellefield had stem cell collection. She can't wait around or delay these appointments.

"Unfortunately people like myself can't pick warm days to do this and many people that go through what I've gone through do need plasma, they need platelets so it's real important people continue that donation," explains Dellefield.

Alecia Lipton with the blood center says Tuesday they lost half of their projected donations due to business or school closures.

"And also people are staying in, when they hear of these frigid temperatures they're not wanting to go get in their car and drive to one of our locations," says Lipton.

High schools make up 14 percent of Hoxworth Blood Center's annual donations and Lipton says she's had more blood drives canceled because of weather this year than she can remember.

"Seven years ago we had a rough January, but it was just for about a week and this seems to be a continuation week after week," says Lipton.

But the cold weather isn't stopping UC student Ashley Newman.

"I donate blood just because if anyone can have an extra chance at life then I want to give that to them," explains Newman.

Newman says ever since her father died of a hemorrhagic stroke when she was 15, she's been a regular here in hopes of having a positive impact.

"If anyone else can have a chance and if blood will give them that chance than I want another kid who has a dad who could live, I want them to have their dad," says Newman.

For more information on how and where you can donate blood right here in the Tri-State visit,

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