NKY homeless counted to determine available funding

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - An eight-county project began Wednesday morning in Northern Kentucky to determine the amount of homeless men, women and children living in the area.

The Northern Kentucky Point-in-Time count, referred to as "K-Count," helps assess progress towards alleviating homelessness and determine how much funding will be available for assistance.

On Wednesday, Dan Wells met Scott and James outside of the Brighton Center in Covington. Both are currently homeless and were without gloves in the negative degree temperatures.

"We have a couple of blankets. Between me and him balling up in the blankets, one will take the blankets off of the other, and you'll get cold. You can't get a fire going because police will be on you. [We're] living under a bridge. I mean, it's extreme cold," Scott described.

"What will you do for the rest of your day?" asked Dan Wells.

"I have to sit in the library because my foot is broke. I'm not allowed to walk," James replied.

The annual K-Count is conducted on a 24-hour period beginning at midnight. It's coordinated by the Northern Kentucky Area Development District and Brighton Center in collaboration with the Kentucky Housing Corporation, the state housing finance agency and the Kentucky Interagency Council on Homelessness.

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