Police: Baby mauled by dog in Union Twp.

UNION TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A 3-month-old child was flown to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon after reportedly being mauled by a dog.

Union Township Police were called the 4500 block of School House Road on Wednesday. Dispatch first received reports of the incident around 2:15 p.m.

"When we got down there, we had an infant who was three-to-four months in age who was transported by U.C. Air Care to Children's Hospital," explains Sergeant Tony Rees. "The child suffered numerous dog bites."

Officers say they believe the child was under the supervision of a babysitter at the time. Police also say that they think the dog involved was a Husky.

Officers say that the child's injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

Elizabeth Gaul, owner of Puppy Prep School, has been training dogs since 1998. She's dealt with dogs and families of all shapes and sizes, ones that include babies and very young children.

"Dogs and children seem like a very natural mix in most of our minds, but, there can be challenges," said Gaul.

That's why she preaches a message of safety when mixing small children and dogs. Gaul says most children are bitten by a dog they know.

"Your eyes must be on child and dog if they're in the same room together, at all times, particularly with toddlers and very young children," said Gaul.

When introducing your child to your dog, she suggests not allowing your children to tease, chase or go after the dog.  She says the dog shouldn't be disrupted when eating or sleeping. If you can't directly supervise the child and the dog, put the dog in a crate or in a gated area.

"The most success is where the parents are actively engaged, and do not leave them alone together," Gaul told FOX19.

It all goes back to one, basic message.

"Safety first," Gaul said.

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