Passengers: Flights from Atlanta an "absolute nightmare"

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - Tuesday, more than 1,200 flights were canceled out of Atlanta. Hundreds of them spilled over into Wednesday. Passengers are calling it an absolute nightmare.

A flight from Atlanta to Cincinnati usually only takes 1 hour 6 minutes. For hundreds of passengers this week, it took much longer than that. For the lucky ones who made it to the Queen City from Atlanta Wednesday, it was a very long trip.

"It was ridiculous. It was sad. It was just miserable, a miserable 24-hours. The highway was shut down. We spent nine hours trying to go thirty miles. They didn't have any salt trucks. They didn't have any crews out working. Everybody was just stopped. Even cop cars were stopped out on the highway," said David Griffey

Jill Kiley flew from a beach in Jamaica to a snow covered shut down Atlanta airport. With every hotel booked, she was forced to spend the night in the terminal.

"Who wants to spend 17 hours in an airport at their mercy?" asks Kiley. "No flights went out and very few flights came in. They handed us a cookie, a bottle of water, one of the little red Delta blankets and a small toiletry kit and said find a chair. So we spent 17 hours in the Atlanta airport watching the shut down Atlanta highways."

It is a travel nightmare they are all relieved is over at least for them.

"We were just trying to get out of there is all we were trying to do," said Griffey.

"It might be colder here but it's home," said Kiley.

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