Starving horses seized from Brown Co. farm

BROWN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Brown County Humane Society workers seized several starving horses from a farm in Brown County on Thursday.

They found eight horses in all, one of them was dead. They were found on a property on Stratton Road in Hamersville. The humane society says they had no food, and little shelter. Of the seven horses that are alive, humane society officials tell FOX19 that some are pregnant. Two are in very bad shape and could still die.

"It's horrible. They need help right away," said Brittany Weber. Weber has been trying to get help for the horses.

Weber is a horse lover, and owns two of them herself. That's why it breaks her heart to see these horses in such an emaciated condition.

"I just don't see how people can treat animals this way. They get them and then they don't care of them," explains Weber.

Weber and her boyfriend tried to help the horses by bringing them something to eat earlier this week.

"We first arrived Tuesday night. The horses were separated. They didn't have shelter, no water, no food. We brought them a bale of hay, and they chowed it down," Weber tells FOX19.

On Thursday, humane society officials and a veterinarian came to check the conditions of the animals. Of the seven horses still alive, pickup trucks pulling horse trailers rescued them.

"Our goal is to get them into foster homes where they can work on getting them appropriate vet care, appropriate food and care," said Leslie Zureick of the Brown County Humane Society.

Zureick says this isn't the first time they had to come to this property. In 2011, another call about horses brought her here. She says as it stands today, no one lives there.

"I've been out to this place before and not had any cooperation," said Zureick.

Zureick tells FOX19 that the property owner's son was supposed to be taking care of the horses. FOX19 tried to contact the property owner listed on the Brown County Auditor's website, Dawn Ford. FOX19 was unable to make contact.

Zureick adds that they're hoping to press charges against the property owner for this incident.

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