Todd Portune drops bid for 2014 Ohio Gubernatorial race

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune called an end to his bid to enter the 2014 Ohio Gubernatorial race.

His running mate was current Toledo Councilman, and former Toledo Mayor and Minority Leader of the Ohio House of Representatives, Jack Ford.

Portune said that he and Ford were unable to carry their joint effort any further.

"It is at the local level where government is not only working across party lines, but it is at the local level where government has to work," said Portune in a press release. "Jack Ford and I both understand that local governments cannot pass the buck. We have to find solutions, across party lines within our means. While we have concluded that we are unable to meet our goals for the state through the means of a gubernatorial race, we both look forward to continuing in our efforts to work for the betterment of the Ohio Democratic Party and for the State of Ohio in other ways than as candidates for statewide office."

Portune offered his thanks to the many people around the state who took the time to lend their support and meet with him to offer their views and to share their concerns.

"We have a great state with wonderful people and terrific assets," adds Portune. "Jack Ford and I are living proof that all things are possible despite the challenges we all face. Our commitment to Ohio and to the many people we have met along the way does not end here. Instead we will find other ways, given the blessings and the assets that we have, to continue to fight for a better Ohio."

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