Locals weigh in on Super Bowl commercials

The Beats ad was a hit. Photo: youtube.com/theellenshow
The Beats ad was a hit. Photo: youtube.com/theellenshow

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Many sports fans watch the Super Bowl as much for the ads as they do for the game.

The big game is known for its big-ticket commercials and they've become must-see TV. With each 30 second Super Bowl ad costing about $4 million, advertisers have high expectations, and so do the fans.

FOX19's Gordon Graham talked with some of our viewers on both sides of the river to find out which Super Bowl commercials they liked best.

Chris McClory of West Chester says "they're funny to me. I look forward to laughing at them every year."

Patty Rabago of Amberly Village says "if you see those commercials and those commercials get your eyes and interested in you then you go to a restaurant and you can buy that beer. You can buy the things you saw in the commercials."

Mike Clem of Hebron says "it's definitely one of the highlights of the Super Bowl for me. Everybody who has a commercial they bring it. This is show time for them commercial wise."

Pat Crowley with the public relations firm Strategic Advisors says advertisers are trying to get the most bang out of their buck.

"It's a big competition. You want to grab the attention, you want to be the ad that people are talking about the next day at work. You want...humor is a big thing, but you want to be careful though where it's not so funny that people forget the ad. Over the years there's been ads where you laugh at it, but you can't remember if it was a car, if it was a soft drink, if it was beer whatever," Crowley said.

Gordon headed to Willie's Pub in Covington, a favorite sports-watching venue, to get more opinions.

Marcus Jackson of Pleasant Ridge says "the one that's pleased me the most is the Doritos commercial. I think that's going to stand out above the rest of them."

Amanda Meyer of Crescent Springs says  "that was one of my favorites with the little boy he was so cute and then he went into the time machine and they guy came out who actually owned the house.

Downtown Cincinnati resident Jamie Turner says "the Doritos commercial. That was funny and then my second favorite would be the Radio Shack."

Another favorite was the commercial for the Beats Music Streaming app featuring Ellen Degeneres.

"She's just a funny woman and that was a super cool commercial," said Mike Clem.

While the Denver Broncos may have disappointed some fans, this year's Super Bowl commercials were a big hit.

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