Tech Hoarding becoming a growing problem for consumers

Tech Hoarding becoming a growing problem for consumers

(FOX19) - Do you keep your old laptops or store your outdated cell phones? If so, you might be "tech hoarding."

FOX19's Jacki Jing took a closer look at this growing problem. Jing recently visited Cheebong Ang's North College Hill home where his tech hoarding was in full force.

Jing asked Cheebong if it was difficult for him to move around his home. "Not at all, because they're stacked in a corner," says Cheebong.

Addictions Specialist Dr. Christopher Tuell tells Jing many hang on to old devices because they might contain private information on their past.

PCs pile up at homes for security reasons. Tech Expert Dave Hatter says you CAN kick that aging computer to the curb by getting software to clear off your information on those decrepit devices!

Hatter tells FOX19, "It won't cost much and that way you can ensure your contacts, your bank account information and credit card information aren't in the wild somewhere."

If you're someone that doesn't want to clear out the clutter, Dr. Tuell says you might need to decide if your collection is healthy or hurtful. Tuell says some people may need to seek help.

Cheebong says that's not the case for him. Jing asks him what he would say to those who call him a "hoarder." Cheebong tells Jing, "Haha, maybe I am a hoarder, but when it comes to music and electronics to me - I don't know. I am fascinated by it."

Cheebong isn't getting rid of his gadgets anytime soon but if you want to donate, sell or trash your old gadgets, make sure you do it properly.

Next week, FOX19 will show you what can happen if you throw those old iPads away before clearing off your information. Stay tuned!

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