FOX19 takes a closer look at the 'Cotton Ball Diet'

(FOX19) - There's a dangerous new diet trend called the "Cotton Ball Diet" and it's exactly what it sounds like.

Young people are now eating cotton balls to lose weight and doctors say it's deadly. FOX19's Jessica Brown took a closer look at this growing problem.

Brown says what these young women and men are doing is dipping cotton balls in juice and swallowing them. They say it makes them feel full without taking in all the calories.

This dangerous trend started in the fashion world with models going to extreme measures to stay thin.

The problem is cotton balls are not digestible. Brown tells FOX19 that cotton balls are made up of synthetic fiber so they are unable to breakdown in the digestive system which can cause a major blockage and permanent damage to the intestines.

The complications that come with ingesting cotton balls could lead to a surgical emergency. The chemicals used in the product are not safe for eating.

Brown tells FOX19 they have to bleach cotton balls to make them white. Not only that, there's a major risk of choking when trying to swallow a cotton ball.

Experts say it's not even a diet since there no food involved. In fact, it's more of a warning sign for an eating disorder.

Tonight on the 10 O'Clock News, Brown will talk with experts about this growing trend as wells speak with one girl who has overcome her eating disorder.

Tune in for the full story tonight at 10:00 p.m. on FOX19.

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