NKY woman's case exposes pitfalls of Obamacare

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Rebecca Stewart has a mountain of paperwork related to the odyssey she's been on, regarding her son's healthcare.

Like many people, she's in the process of changing. She was initially told her son could not get care at Cincinnati Children's Hospital because they live out of state and would switch to a plan that didn't have Cincinnati Children's as a provider.

"I was told that categorically I could not go across state lines for coverage. Being that we live ten minutes from the number one pediatric hospital in the country and that my son is being treated there necessarily, that sent me through the roof," said Rebecca.

She took her annoyance online, participating in a Google chat last Friday with President Obama. She asked why some plans on the health care exchange prevent people from getting care at hospitals and doctors closest to them.

Her question attracted a lot of attention.

"This isn't about politics, this is about love and about a mother making sure her kids are taken care of. It's about their health and well being," said Stewart.

Rebecca says she's since found out her son will have coverage that allows him to get care at Children's, but Indiana residents working through the exchange do not. No plan from the Indiana state exchange contracts Children's Hospital as a provider.

We contacted Children's Hospital, and they gave us this statement.

"Cincinnati Children's has been in contact with each of the insurance companies that are selling health insurance exchange plans.  We have signed contracts with most of the 10 plans that are available in the tri-state area that Cincinnati children's serves.  A current list of those plans can be found on our website.  of those with which we have not signed an agreement, we are still in discussions with some about contract terms."

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