Cleves says salt shortage is now an emergency

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - Brown, Clermont, Hamilton and Kenton counties are all reporting seriously low supplies of salt. Many of the surrounding cities are awaiting deliveries that have been delayed but for smaller communities like the Village of Cleves, the shortage is now an emergency.

In a dome where hundreds of tons of salt can fit, barely any can be found at the Miami Township Facilities Building.

"It ain't that we hadn't tried to get any. It's that we can't get any," says Harold Duncan, Street Commissioner for The Village of Cleves.

He says it's one problem on top of another. One of only two city trucks is broken down and even if they could get the salt to fill it up, Duncan says they can't afford it.

"I called every number in the phone book. We found some way up river for two hundred dollars a ton delivered. The first 150 ton we got, we paid $67. The second 200 tons we got, we paid 49 something for. So you can see the jump there," says Duncan.

Even hardware stores have bare shelves. Many of them say they can't order any salt because of the high demand from counties and municipalities.

Duncan says he hopes they have enough to get through more snow this weekend but after that the forecast for salt looks pretty grim.

"If we have the rest of the month bad, I don't know what we are going to do," says Duncan.

The Mayor of Cleves Village has suggested plowing just the flat streets and only salt the hills. The problem Duncan says is more than 80% of the village is hills. He's hoping between the surrounding townships, they will be able to stretch the thin supply until more can be delivered.

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