Reality Check: Evolution vs. Creation

Reality Check: Evolution vs. Creation

PETERSBURG, KY (FOX19) - Tuesday night, the evolution versus creation debate took center stage in Northern Kentucky as Bill Nye squared off against Ken Ham.

So who won? It depends on who you ask. When it comes to public opinion, the 'Science Guy' is clearly in the minority.

Back in 1982, a Gallup Survey found that only 9 percent of people believed that human beings evolved naturally, without help from a supreme being. Fast forward nearly a quarter century and that number bumps up some, but not by much.

Meanwhile, in that '82 poll, 38 percent of people surveyed said they believed that God had a hand in human creation and that it happened sometime within the past 10-thousand years. Twenty-six years later the numbers are basically the same.

A 2012 USA-Today/Gallup poll tells us even more. In that survey, 46 percent of people believed that God created man in his current form with 32 percent holding the belief that humans evolved through the guidance of God.

Only 15 percent of those polled said that humans evolved with no guidance from God at all.

The most telling survey in the evolution debate dates back 70 years. Gallup asked one simple question: Do you believe in God?

In 1944, 96 percent of people said yes. Gallup asked the same question in 2011, 92 percent said yes.

The bottom line is this: Neither time nor technology have convinced a majority of Americans to support the theory of evolution which is why Bill Nye will likely always be fighting an uphill battle.


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