Vigil held for man who lived on the streets of Covington

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Friends and family spent Wednesday night gathered to remember Monte Courtney, a homeless man who lived life on the streets of Covington.

Songs, prayers and stories from those closest to him paint a picture of the impact he had on the streets, and now, they're hoping his situation will raise more awareness of the homeless issue.

"We've got his friends out here, his family out here, so we can remember him tonight, and show everybody, especially the homeless community, that people do care about them," said Brandon Scott Perry, who helped organize the vigil.

Many of the people who attended, Courtney met on the streets. He was found dead in an alley in December. No one was notified of his death until a few weeks after his burial.

"It was devastating," said Robert Courtney, Monte's brother.

Robert says he was told that no effort was made to notify family if the death isn't a homicide.  That's something he's trying to change in talking with some Kentucky legislators.

"We're going to be talking about that - see if we can't maybe change the law or help the process where a better effort could be made," said Courtney.

Perry is trying to do the same through his group, "The Good Samaritans." They reach out to the needy, as well as working to change the perception of the homeless.

"You hear some of the stories of people calling them lazy, worthless, and trash and whatever, but they're not.  They're people.  Some have made some bad choices, some have fallen on hard times," Perry told FOX19.

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