Heavy snow leaves communities with salt shortages

(FOX19) - Harsh winter weather has left communities in dire need of sufficient quantities of salt to treat slick roadways. Hamilton, Claremont, Brown and Kenton counties are all reporting salt shortages, a grim situation as more winter weather is expected to arrive this weekend.

The City of Cincinnati has resorted to treating metro roadways with a sand and salt mixture to extend their current stock. They are down to their last 7,000 tons of salt, a number they say is low, and do not know if their next shipment will arrive before more winter weather.

This season Hamilton County has used about 15,300 tons of salt, according to a county engineer. That total does not even include the amount used during this week's storm.

Smaller communities are hit even harder by the shortage. The Village of Cleves is down to just 30 tons of salt for the town of over 3,000 residents.

"We had two separate contracts for 366 tons but we already used it … I never dreamed we would use it," said Harold Duncan, street commissioner of Village of Cleves.

The Village of Cleves needs at least 150 more tons of salt to treat their roads. Officials say they plan to allocate their limited resources by using it only on hills, which is problematic because 80% of the community is sitting on a hill.

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